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Over the last several years our customers have asked us to play a greater role in supplying products that we do not manufacturer directly. We set out to use our product and substantial manufacturing know- how as well as our collaborative skills to develop partners and alliances globally.

Conventional distributors do not have the product and manufacturing expertise to avoid product quality issues, nor do they have the flexibility to avoid product delivery or obsolesence problems related to sudden customer-driven engineering changes or product cancellations.

We are able to provide our customers with globally competitive prices while avoiding product quality or supply issues. Understanding the application issues we can develop the process with our partners and test the products to make sure they meet the performance requirements. In- house product quality verification and packaging means that low ppm's (far below internationally acceptable standards) are achieved and maintained.

Shipments of a variety of parts to our customers are consolidated which reduces logistical costs and administrative costs. To help manage the different costs that arise in the product life cycle we can provide localized production at the phase-in and phase-out part of the cycle reducing the risk and cost of obsolesence due to engineering changes or product cancellations.

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326 Humber College Blvd.
Rexdale, Ontario, M9W 5P4, Canada
Telephone: (416) 675-3404

2316 Delaware Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14216, USA
Telephone: 1-866-661-8313 (toll free)


Formnet was engaged in collaborative work practice with our customers long before it became vogue in the industry. We have built a strong engineering capability that interacts effectively with our customers to fully understand the end use application. This brings our subsatantial knowledge base into play to identify cost reduction opportunities and avoid potential problems well in advance of launch.

Combined with the excellent skills of our highly trained manufacturing team and advanced production processes, we are able to achieve industry leading quality performance and consistency. Our reliable delivery and distribution options round out the full range of services we are capable of providing you, our customer.

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