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Our talented and resourceful engineers and tool designers are ready to work with your team to achieve near-net shape designs to best suit your applications. We like to be involved at the design stage and collaborate with you so we can design for manufacturing and help you improve quality and costs of the final product. Our Advanced Quality Engineers will work with your team to learn the application and the product performance requirements.  We will design and test our products to ensure that they meet or exceed those requirements.                                                              

We use Deform programs to do 2D and 3D computer simulation to make sure the product design  and tool designs are optimized. We use the latest computer aided design software such as SolidWorks 3D and Autodesk Mechanical desktop parametric-modeling system for final tool design.

Product launches are a team effort at Formnet. Our engineering development process includes the involvement of our raw material suppliers, sales, purchasing, tool designers, toolmakers, manufacturing associates and quality personnel. We utilize the collective knowledge, innovative skills and resourcefulness of our entire team to assure success first time. Organizational flexibility and commitment to continuous improvement encourages our people to actively contribute to the product development process.

The principle of engineered quality is carried through every phase of design, manufacturing, heat treating, plating, verification, delivery and customer service.

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